About Nikolay Postnikov
Nikolay PostnikovA true hunter

He is different from the person that people usually see beside them but then most of them haven?t seen him ?hunting?.
It is said that desire has no rest and this passion has made him a slave to the hunt for artistic perfection. For this, he can only be envied.

The true artist awakens within him during his pursuit as he chases the graceful quarry called life. He changes completely when he sees the unusual effects of light and shadow, an astonishing facial expression comes over him which seems to lift a veil of secrecy ?

He loves fathoming out the essence of phenomena and as a hunter of those precious moments of eternal life, he doesn?t stop there, but extends himself and helps us to see the animation in God?s greatest gift, whether it is the batting of eyelashes or the waving of a hand, a horse stamping at the ground or a heartbeat hidden beneath the ribcage. He achieves this because he loves life in all its manifestations ? be it calm waters at sunset or the silence of passion in an old man?s eyes, the sly wisdom of a child or the mute outpourings of a mighty oak.

Before your eyes is not some game bird caught in a fowling net, but God?s talent ? the symbiosis of a man and the natural world that surrounds him. We cannot know what it would look like in a different dimension and many of us can?t even see its simple beauty.

Thank God that we have people like Nikolai Postnikov, endowed with the gift of gazing through the eye of the soul. We only have to follow his gaze and succumb to a childlike astonishment at the grandeur of the world which watches over us.

Author: Bakhyt Kairbekov


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